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Resume Writing In A Nutshell

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Steps for Creating Your Resume

Focus on a target job - the kind of job that you want.

Determine the experience and skills required to perform that job.

Map your top 3-5 strengths to the job requirements.

List a few accomplishments that highlight each strength.

Express each accomplishment as a powerful resume PAR or SAR.

List your jobs and other elevant experiences in reverse chronological order.

List your education ands other relevant training.

Choose a chronological, functional or combo resume format and arrange your content accordingly.

Create a Profile for the beginning of your resume.

Customize your resume every time you apply for a job. Let me repeat that. Customize your resume every time you apply for a job. Mirror the job listing as much as possible. Every job listing, even for seemingly identical jobs, has it's own nuances. Terminology may be different or the prioritization of skills and duties may not be the same. If the ad is titled "Sales Consultant", than title your resume the same. The next ad for a similar job may say "Business Development", so change the title accordingly.

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