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Assembling the Final Resume

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The Assembled Resume

First off - there is no such thing as the "Final Resume". When you finish the resume for one job application, you still have to reassemble and modify it for the next one. Even when you get your hired, your resume is not final. The second you start the new position, you have new material.

I use the word assemble, because by now, you should have too much material. That's good! One PAR/SAR that is perfect for one job, may not work as well for another. Keep a list of your PARs and SARs, and then choose the ones best suited for each additional job. Every time you think of a new one, add it to the list.

A resume should never be more than two pages. Always whittle it down and massage every section so it is interesting and is best focused on that employer's needs. Remember, it's always about them, never you.

In today's world, chances are that you are going to need your resume again. Remembering the content when you need it is much harder than recording it as it happens. Find a way that fits your style.

  • Keep a journal? Write it there.
  • Work off of paper scraps? Write them down immediately and throw it in a box.
  • Like schedules? Set a time once a month to write it up.
  • Are you the social type? Discuss them regularly with friends over a beer (or not) and take notes.



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