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Anatomy of a Resume - Sections

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Resume Sections

The sections of a resume can vary by type of resume.

Reverse Chronological
The sections: Headline, profile, skills, job history with details, education and optional sections

The sections: Headline, profile, achievements, skills, education and optional sections

The sections: Headline, profile, achievements, skills, job history without details, education and optional sections

Required Sections
  • Headline
  • Profile
    alternate: Summary
    Recommended alternate: None (This section always follows the Headline and the label is implied, so the label is not necessary and may become a waste of space on a crowded resume).
  • Skills
  • Employment History
    alternate: Work Experience
    alternate: Experience - Especially good when young or reentering the workforce to incorporate volunteer and other activities.
    alternate: Job History
    Functional Resumes: Do not include this section
    Chronological/Functional Resumes: Include this section without job details
  • Education


Optional Sections

These sections may be optional, but we recommend that you try to include at least one to appear better rounded. They usually are placed at the end, but your situation may vary. For example, if you are fresh out of school, it may make more sense to put Nonors and Volunteer Postions towards the beginning.

  • Other interests
  • Honors
  • Affiliations
  • Volunteer Positions


What Ever Happened To...?
  • Goals or Objectives: That because most employers do not care about your goals. Your resume is always about them, never you.
  • References: Never include references. Saying "References available upon request" is unnecessary because it is assumed, which makes it a waste of valuable real estate. However, if your resume is too short, it doesn't hurt to include the phrase.

Additional Information

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