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Networking, Networking, Networking

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Networking To Land A Job

The "hidden job market" is the source of the vast majority jobs. The higher the level of the job, the more likely that it can only be found on the "hidden job market". Networking is the only way to find and gain entrée to apply for these jobs.

Networking is also the most effective way to land an advertised job. Networking into the hiring manager provides instant credibility and almost guarantees that your resume will get a fair review.

If you try to create your own job, networking into the target company is much more effective than targeted letters and cold calls.

The article title repeats "networking" three times, not only for the three reasons above, but because it is the single most important job acquisition skill that you can develop. If you haven't already, start networking now. It's best to network and maintain that network before you need to, that is, while you are still employed, but it is never too late.

Who should you network with? Anyone that has a remote chance of helping, which is everyone. Connect with people in your past and present to meet the people in your future. That includes family, friends, colleagues, school mates (jncluding your alumni association) , volunteer co-workers and anyone else you meet on-line or offline.

Networking is about connecting, reconnecting and staying connected. The Internet has made the art of networking easier, but that doesn't mean that traditional methods should be abandoned.

Real Life Networking
Unemployment is your job. It's your job to meet people and have a good time with them. It's your job to make them like you so they will want to help you. Your job doesn't have to suck. More...

Networking Online
Control your network, especially your professional network. If you don't respect your own network, no one else will. More...


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