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Titles, Tag Lines and Business Cards

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Titles, Tag Lines and Business Cards

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Every job seeker needs a business card for networking and job interviews. You can never look too professional, but without a card, you can sometimes seem unprepared.

Do your business card right. The better it looks and the more complete it is, the better you look. Pay close attention to both the content and quality.

The content should include:

  • Contact Information
  • Career Title
  • Tag Line

Contact Information

Include a Name, Address, Phone and/or Cell Phone, Email address and optionally, a URL for your LinkedIn profile, personal website or online resume. More is unnecessary and could be cluttering. Even a fax number is not worth the space.
Career Title

The title should clearly indicate what you want to do, so avoid limiting shackles but do not exaggerate your level. Notice it says "what you want to do", not "what you have done". The title should be an indicator of where you are going and not necessarily where you have been.

  • Okay: Accountant
    Better: Financial Professional if you have broader finance experience or if you want to broaden your opportunities.
  • Okay: District Sales Manager may be your last job title.
    Better: Sales Manager or Senior Sales Professional is less limiting.
Tag Line

Tag lines can be the hook that makes you stick in someone's memory even when swamped by other contacts. They give a sense of what you bring to the game.

The best tag lines are intriguing. They use alliteration (initial sounds repeated), rhyme, internal contradiction, contrast, a twist on a common saying, surprising word choices or anything else clever. In the real world, clever is not always realistic, but still try to make it interesting. Humor is encouraged, but use it appropriately.

The shorter, the better. Keep it under 10 words, make it 5 and you're a pro!

The tag line should be self-explanatory. It can work against you if it requires an involved explanation.

See examples and get new ideas or feedback on your tag line and business card here.
  • Impress but be practical. Consider using the back for your tagline, brief profile or a special accomplishment, but leave white space for notes.
  • Don't use plastic or some odd material or shape that can't be written on or carried easily in a pocket.
    Try to match your resume font to provide a unified image.
  • Not everyone appreciates pictures or complicated logos.
  • The overall appearance should be clean and inviting.
Professional looking business cards are difficult to print on home computer printers. They most often come across as just that - home grown. The card stock tends to be flimsy and even the best inkjets can't always provide the same quality results. If you go down that road and do not have strong design skills, stick with a template.

The cost of quality business card stock and expensive printer inks can be more than the professionally printed cards available over the Internet. Get 250 cards at this link for the cost of shipping and handling.

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