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What Is Creativity?

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Definition of creativity

Creativity is the ability to look at the same thing as everybody else, but see something different... It is not so much a personality trait as it is a process.

Resume Remodel's Definition of Creativity for Resumes

  • Recall of accomplishments that will be of interest to prospective employers,
  • even when they may not seem significant to you,
  • expressed in an impressive manner.

We use the word "recall", but the recall does not have to come from you. It should also come from other people that you know. Other people will remember some achievements that you have forgotten or have not considered to be achievements. They can also provide input about significance, which is important because you are not always in the best position to be objective.

We include different exercises that help you tap both your brain and your network. The Personal Memory Support System exercise helps you draw help from everyone you know and the Throw a Resume Party helps you levearge the power of brainstorming. Check out the articles to learn why they are also great networking and interview preparation aids.

Additional Information

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