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About Us - Openly Anonymous

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What do I have to hide?

"Have to" is probably too strong a concept. Anonymity is not necessary, but best for now. Resume Remodel exists with the full knowledge, suppport and amusement of the powers that be at my current position. However, coming out of the closet is not worth the potential for distraction to outside stakeholders.

Openly Anonymous
My wife's fantasy

Anyway, anonymity can be more fun. Take my picture for example. Trust me, I don't look anything like that. It's just my wife's wistful fantasy of roads that she never had the chance to travel. (She slugged me after I showed her this paragraph).

Like I said, I don't look anything like that, but every glance in the mirror proves that I'm not repulsive either. "Not repulsive" is what I'm trying to do for resume writing. When's the last time you heard someone say, "Great, its time to write my resume!" Usually, they'd prefer water boarding. I doubt if I can make resume writing seem like a day at the amusment park, but with my techniques, there can be some moments like that. Those moments can help create a mind set that makes the rest of the process more palatable and perhaps even interesting.

I've been around the block. Actually, I've been around several blocks, including resume blocks. I've written a few of my own and read over 1,000 as the hiring manager. Over the years, I've become everybody's favorite resume helper. That's because my resumes and the accompanying strategy advice usually get results. It's too bad that I didn't have the time to help all that have asked. (You know who you are - sorry about that!).

I became good at writing resumes because I've done a serious amount of research on what works. Then I added my own spin, and as I've been developing this site, I've developed ideas on how to tackle creativity issues. I'm especially proud of that, because creativity is an important element that is usually ignored. That's too bad, because most of us do not usually function as writers.

Why does OA do this?


So you're probably wondering, why are you doing this? Beats me. I don't really have the time and I'm pretty sure my aforementioned wife is less than pleased that I have my nose buried even further into my computer. The reasons are complicated. Certainly the potential for an extra buck is part of it (click the ads that you find interesting!).

Maybe you can help me understand. Please take my poll.


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